Generate Millions of Higher-Paying Jobs
  in USA with Enhanced Lifestyle 
 by EMP Protecting the Civil Sector


Rarely in life are we afforded the simultaneous benefits of protecting our lifestyle from outside threats while enjoying the journey and increasing both millions of jobs and impressive ROIs. This white paper abstract explains this rare opportunity.

The EMP threat hovering over the planet and USA is defined by Newt Gingrich's 2008 Congressional Investigating Committee hearing as “Not if, but when”. When the “when EMP ” strikes it will be lights out from 15% to 100% of the US. Human lifestyle instantly returns to the Middle Ages but without the survival ways and means of that era. That's why HR.3410, CIPA (Critical Infrastructure Protection Act) passed Congress and why the refunded committee restarted again this 1 July 2016.


The reversing of this cataclysmic threat into economic and lifestyle benefits is the mission objective. It is achieved over the next decade in two parts. Phase 1 is a two-year awareness, planning and preparation phase. Phase 2 is an eight-year plan implementation phase.

The bottom line is shown on performance chart above. Mission and explanation details are in our latest two EMP protection books. To order books, click here

In case you know nothing or little about the EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse), read this now:

An EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) is a nuclear bomb explosion, 20 miles or higher above sea level by a rogue nation or terrorist. There is no pressure percussion. People can't feel results and there is no direct mechanical damage. Rather, it is an instant electric-power outage in an area of more than 700,000 sq. miles. (e.g: the East or West Coast USA & inland 450 miles). This is an area, perhaps, a 1,000 times greater than a hurricane, tornado, or earthquake damage).

Lights out; no electronic communication, radio, TV, computers, Internet access, water and sewer pumps, elevators, subways, etc. No jobs, no ability to invoice or collect moneys owed, no social security. We are thrown back to the middle ages, but without accommodations available in that era. Newt Gingrich and Netanyahu of Israel can tell you all about the EMP. For much more EMP and protection information, visit:

Why public and private libraries need 
these books on EMP Protection

The book shown below will debut September 2016. It is the fifth book in the past three years on our series of EMP Protection of the Civil Sector. They are sold on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Future-Science, and our website:

The other four published EMP protection books are also shown on page 4. Their price ranges from $14 for the one novel to $23, $35 and $45 for the three non-fiction developments on EMP protection. These are the only books on the Internet or elsewhere that address how-to-do EMP protecting a shed, cottage, home, a development community and even up to a National EMP protection plan with options, ways and means and forecasts for future developments with enhanced EMP-protection lifestyles. 

The total price for all four books is $117. Printed by Amazon's Creative Space printers, we can provide individual books to your library at a 20% discount for each, or the set for a 32% discount (net - $79) plus handling and shipping for the set. You can order the set from our website at the set discount benefit. If you order the set before 14 August, we will kick in the new book on the cover at no cost to be delivered in early September upon publication.

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