EMP Terms & Definitions


    ● Shielding
        Paste / Caulk
    ● Grounding
    ● Surge Suppressor
    ● Filters
    ● Infrastructure
        Data Center
        Solar / Solar Farms 

    ● Levels
    ● EMP
        * EMP - Survive or Thrive
    ● Solar Flares
    ● Cyber
    ● HPM
         Welcome to the EMP Protection Center
EMP Protection Resources for Libraries
Welcome to all Public and Private Libraries
Seeking to Help Educate Citizens Regarding the
Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Threat and
how to Protect your Lifestyle Advantages

 An EMP (electromagnetic pulse) can knock out power sources for over a year, and instantly will cause lights to go out and return lifestyles to that of the middle ages. 

EMP protection before an electromagnetic pulse will significantly increase not only citizens survival but also being able to live under far-far better than barebones lifestyle quality. Also"free" (high ROI) electricity. Plus weekend escape cottages near you.

Our books outline what is needed for successful application of EMP protection for home, solar, shed, cottage, vehicle, and many other areas of electronics equipment that are vulnerable to electromagnetic pulse without protection.
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