Support Trump's "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs" via additional Civil Sector developments. Join a nearby EMP-Protected Cottage Community. They are located around water with clubhouse, pool and amenities to escape and have fun, comradery, while your making money and generating new jobs. It's about lifestyle.
● The EMP threat to avoid and why for family or business

Yes, this can happen in EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) protecting the Civil Sector to also contain millions of nearby, weekend, inexpensive, solar-rooftop, escape-cottages (the new American EMP protected, reduced-size, dream minihome). These minihomes are also necessary to support employees at commercial & industrial locations such as Data Centers, replenishment locations, shopping malls, government field laboratories, manufacturing sites, etc.

Cataclysmic losses to USA life and lifestyle from an EMP event

When an EMP threat from a rogue nation or terrorists strikes USA, it knocks out electric power for over 200,000 to 1 million sq. miles. Immediately lights out; no electric power; no radio nor TV; no communications; no internet access or computer operations; drinking water stops & toilets don't flush. Yet, inhabitants feel nothing nor is there any earth trembling. 

Vehicles can't start and an entire civilization comes to a near stop. You and most all others loose their jobs, their receipts & payments, paper equities & bank transfers. At end of the first year, experts say “90% of exposed population will die of hunger, famine & disease”.

If you are a business, think of what happens when an EMP event strikes. If at work, the employees vehicles won't start and you are stuck at work. But the business is not a hotel and can't feed you. If you were at home when the EMP event strikes, you can't get to work because your car can't start. Either way it becomes an astronomical loss to both businesses and their employees.

So what can you do or expect? Select the next choice.

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EMP = Electomagnetic Pulse is a nuclear bomb explosion at altitude above 20 miles that knocks out electric power over very wide areas.

Yes, it's very probable. This becomes the American Second Dream. Select a bullet below to see how it happens by supporting Trump, the nation and yourself:

● The EMP threat to avoid and why for family or business
● Get (buy or rent) an escape cottage near your home
​● But, get one in an EMP protected community
● EMP  protecting Vehicles for Transportation
● Enjoy weekend getaway & have "free" electricity & fun
● While making money and generating jobs
● But, get a Cottage in an EMP- protected community

Myriads of EMP Protected solar-cottage communities become new American dream for weekend getaway minihome

Unless located on a farm or remote wooded location, an exposed EMP protected cottage can be the target of desperate neighbors as they run out of food, medications, etc. You become their victim. Thus, for security and safety, they should be located within a secure boundary with classified periphery wall & alarms. Communities are also located on a body of water for aesthetics & purifiable drinking water.

Conclusions: nealy all the emp-protected communities enjoy the options of those that are not protected except lifestyle survives following an EMP incident that is otherwise completely lost.
 Get (buy or rent) an escape cottage near your home
Rather than trying to EMP shield your home with solar rooftops, it is far more economical to develop small cottages at about 25% of your home floor space, near your home. Done in quantity, the cost is under $50,000. 

The small cottage has most of the accouterments of the primary home except for its size. It is also protecting a primary vehicle and a golf cart for local travel after an EMP. It provides near “free” electricity for a 20-year period. Its beauty is both the low cost, especially if it can be located one hour from your primary home

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   Expand the Economy & Create Many Higher-Paying Jobs
● Enjoy weekend getaway & have "free" electricity & fun

Although the mission objective is survival from a rogue nation or terrorist EMP missile launch on USA, there does generate several side benefits in buying or renting an EMP-protected cottage in an EMP protected community within one hour from your main home.

About 3 million survivalists in USA are called "Preppers" and one million EMP survivalsists exists. However, survival for the latter is without any Lifestyle (no electricity) as illustrated in the previous "EMP losses" org diagram. 

Another advantage of EMP protected Lifestyle is that the communities contain at least 3 acres of water, large club-house, pool, game and sport accouterments, and fruit-growing trees and vegetable gardens. Larger communities or more wealthy areas may contain a clinic, vehicle maintenance garage and possibly a partial replenishment center

You get "free" electricity for up to 20 years. If the escape cottage is used seven days a week, the electricity saving is roughly $75/month or $900/year or $18,000/20-years ($32,500 with a 3% inflation assumed)

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