EMP Protection of Data Centers and 
Critical Commercial Buildings
Seminar Abstract
For best results, the 1-day seminar assumes participants have already addressed elsewhere natural disasters of hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, and/or tsunamis, etc. This new disaster protection course is a blend of EMP protection for administrative plans & actions, and especially, technical how-to with ways and means plus options and rationales.
EMP Protection of Data Centers and Other
Critical Commercial/Industrial Buildings

About EMP, Solar Flares & Cyber Threats
EMP Loss of Lifestyle, Job, Equities, Wealth & Replenishments
Fed abdication of EMP protection & replenishment  options 
HR-3410 and CIPA for Electric Power Grid Protection
Why substations will fail in an EMP event
Overview of this Seminar & Expectations
Additional training, books, and other provider sources

Threat Level, Susceptibilities and EMP Shielding Required 
Modes of EMP Coupling to Buildings & Cable Entry/Exit
Principal Aperture Leakage Compromises & Fix Options
Both adding and EMP Protecting limited solar rooftops
Site EMP Test Measurement & Certification

EMP Protection - The Devil is in the Details
Basics of Shielding, Bonding, Grounding, Cable Surge 
                 Suppression  and Filtering
EMP Protecting the Foundation
EMP Protecting the Building Side Facades
EMP Protecting the Rooftops
EMP Protecting Solar Rooftops, Inverters & Battery Banks
Fuel Limitation of Generators on EMP Protetion

EMP System Optimization
Engage the County - Bottom-up management
Protection & Relative Cost of Existing Building vs. One                   Under Construction. 
Replenishments: 500 miles vs. 10 miles for Hurricanes
Few to no vehicles work
3,500-ft mat-dirt runway, RR sidings, marina dredging
Employee vehicle and home protection; else no help

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What's critically missing in this data center?
See below 
What's missing in present Data Centers ?

 Not EMP Protected = all is lost - data + lifestyle
 Generators become dysfunctioned  
 Terrorist can HPM dysfunction your operation & servers
 Parking lot vehicles are dysfunctioned
 No EMP Protected skeleton solar rooftops

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Welcome to the EMP Protection Center
EMP Terms & Definitions


    ● Shielding
        Paste / Caulk
    ● Grounding
    ● Surge Suppressor
    ● Filters
    ● Infrastructure
        Data Center
        Solar / Solar Farms 

    ● Levels
    ● EMP
        * EMP - Survive or Thrive
    ● Solar Flares
    ● Cyber
    ● HPM
Terrorist can dysfunction your Data Center  operation & servers
 via HPM (high power microwave)
While  EMP Protection of Data Centers needs to have its shielding and surge suppresion applied below 1 GHz, HPM (high power microwave) may be used to cause facility and data failures by a terrorist. For example, even a surplus WWII, X-Band (10 GHz), 6-ft dish radar housed in a plastic-covered cab in the back of  a small pick up truck, can create  the damage when parked 500 ft. away from the data center. This scenario is shown in the illustration below. Thus, it is concluded that if EMP protection is to be added, The frequency protection should be applicable up to 16 GHz or higher.
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