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CD: Shielding Effectiveness (#3500) & 
Shield Aperture Leakage Control (#3600)
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Use CD #3500 to determine the shielding effectiveness of any enclosed shield from Faraday box to pantry, to entire home, to commercial building, to industrial complex. It accommodates the following variables (see Chaps 4-6 of 2nd & 3rd edition, EMP Protection books for details regarding shielding):
* Metals: Select one of 36 metals including popular aluminum & copper foils.
* Frequency Range: 10 Hz to 10 GHz = more than EMP spectrum occupancy.
* Thickness: 0.1 mil (mil = .001" (.0254 mm) to 1/8" plate (3.2 mm)).
* Shielding attenuation range in dB from 0 to 150 dB.

Default Needs = 80 dB for EMP source to device EMI susceptibility (10 V/m).
Permits multiple "What-If" runs to get best combination of variables.
The program is easy to use and can be run by the general public with no technical training.

Use CD #3600 to compute the compromise in shielding effectiveness due to failure to secure all shielding overlap areas and interfaces. By bonding these areas or maintaining defined screw separation distances on cover plates, improved shielding effectiveness is generated before and after. The results are automatically plotted over the 10 Hz to 10 GHz spectrum to determine if adequate shielding is achieved or if it is still needed and, if so, by how much? (see Chaps 4-6 of 2nd & 3rd edition, EMP Protection books for details of shielding).

By combining CD #3600 with CD #3500 on shielding effectiveness, the user can design a shield to meet the EMP threat levels. Alternatively, the user can apply the programs to see if a supplier of a shielded installation is likely to meet EMP protection performance expectations. In this, mode consider the programs as an insurance checking shielding bonding materials, policing tool.
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