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Chapter headings for:

EMP-Protected, Escape Solar-Cottage Communities

Chap. 1 - About EMP, Solar Flares, HPM and Cyber Threats
Chap. 2- EMP Damage, Range, Duration & Replenishments
Chap. 3- EMP Countermeasures and EMP Protection
Chap. 4- Preppers, EMP Survivalists and Lifestyles
Chap. 5- EMP Protection Tools and Materials
Chap. 6- EMP Protection of Vehicles

Chap. 7- EMP Protecting Homes, Buildings & Test Certification
Chap. 8- Adding Solar-PV Rooftops and their EMP Protection
Chap. 9- EMP Protecting a House Garage with Solar Rooftop
Chap. 10- EMP Protected Solar-Rooftop Cottage, Communities 
Chap. 11- Bottom-Up Management - County Planning/Operations  
Chap. 12- Epilogue and What the future Portends

Appendix A– Product & Service Provider Advertisements
Appendix B- Terms and Definitions
Appendix C- Ten Tips to Reduce your Electric Bill up to 60%
Appendix D- Lightning and Grounding

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Advertisers' benefits to place their ads in this new book:

● EMP protected, solar cottage in a community development within 1 hour of your home
● "Free" Solar electricity for 20 years before and/or after an EMP incident in your region

● Your escape cottage can be purchased or rented
● Financing arranged via different sources including county bonds 

 All community developments provide peripheral security and safety
● All are built around lake for both aesthetics and for drinking water backup

● All contain club house with multiple recreation facilities
● Larger developments (more than 400 units) contain clinic and vehicle maintenance

● Large developments contain a protected "miniature Walmart" replenishment                             center fed from 4,000-ft., mat-dirt runway for Globemaster III servicing

● Nationally,  community developments generate 5,500,000, higher-paying jobs
● Opportunity to start paying down the Gross National debt.

● Read  much more in the neEMP Protected Solar-Cottage Communities book
            to debut in early October 2016  
01 Batteries   
02 Battery Charge Controllers
03 Cables & Connectors, shielded
04 Caulking & Fillers. Conductive
05 Designers & Architects
06 Developers, Suburban Property
07 Filters, Band Pass 
08 Financial, SBA, Banking, County
09 Generators
10 Grounding Hardware
11 Homes, Modular/Mobile
12 Installers
13 Instruments, EMC & EMP
14 Invertes, Solar-PV
15 Racking, solar panels
16 R.E Developers, Suburban
17 Replacements 
18 Seminars & Webinars
19 Shielding, Bonding
20 Shielding, Fabrics, Metallized
21 Shielding, Metals & Foils
22 Shielding, Paints
23 Shielding, Screens
24 Schield Doors & Windows
25 Solar Panels
26 Survivalists & Preppers
27 Test & Specification
28 Trackers, Solar Panels
29 Transformers, Grid
30 Vehicle, EMP Protection
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