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EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) Protection for 
 TV Network & Station Talk Shows for Viewers 
Welcome to all TV Networks & Stations
Seeking to  Inform & Educate Citizens 
Regarding the Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Threat 
and how to Protect your Lifestyle Advantages

 An EMP (electromagnetic pulse) can knock out power sources for over a year, and instantly will cause lights to go out and return lifestyles to that of the middle ages. 

EMP protection before an electromagnetic pulse will significantly increase not only citizens survival but also being able to live under far-far better than barebones lifestyle quality. Also"free" (high ROI) electricity. Plus weekend escape cottages near you.

The mission here is to take a small % of TV time, presently at overkill with massive shootings and killings of innocent Civil Sector  by ISIS claims and lone-wolves, with
applicable education and training TV watchers:
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Why TV Talk Shows on EMP Protection
 can help save America

This concern is about the minuscule threats of ISIS attacks, lone-wolf killings at night clubs, other mass murders, black lives matters chatter, etc. produced in the media today, that drowns the citizens of USA and the planet.

We say that these are minuscule, but not to minimize their importance in the day-to-day affairs of the average citizen. Many lives have already been lost, for which we are greatly saddened. However, America (as well as the rest of the planet) faces a much graver danger, which if left un-addressed, will make all of the current drama only a walk-in-the-park in comparison.

This discussion further details the problem. The major factor to consider is that the problem has a solution with options, but the present Administration has failed its fiduciary obligation to address this to the American public.  So. here we go.....
                  (If you know nothing about EMP, go here first).

The basic problem as discussed elsewhere is that an EMP incident will Instantly knock out all unprotected electric power and bring nearly everything to a stop and in the dark. So, any plan to severely mitigate this situation must provide a shielded structure with EMP-protected, solar-rooftop power to kick in with battery backup.

Typically, these structures, as shown on the right, approximate 500 to 800 sq. ft. with most of the features of their owner's main home, but are provided with their own 24/7 electricity. Their cost, including EMP-protection, is less than 25% of average 2,500 sq. ft. American home. For much bigger primary homes, these miniature escapes can be made correspondingly larger 


Because any meaningful approach must provide security, work-load sharing and economy in scale, best survival points to a community development. The family numbers may range from as few as 10 to a large community greater than 1,000. Each such community must be located within one hour from the main homes of these weekend escape cottages

A typical development with 80 EMP-protected, solar rooftop cottages is shown at the right. It is built around a few-acre lake for aesthetics and source of purifiable water. The perimeter is protected by a classifed wall to hide internal contents, but contains a loud impulse sounding system for anyone trying to penetrate. A main protected club house provides expected exercise, game, and meeting rooms. For larger developments, the clubhouse contains a clinic, store(s) and a small maintenance garage. 


The Ten-Year National EMP Protection Plan 
and Its Implementation

The diagram to the right depicts the overall USA EMP Protection plan for the National Civil Sector. The plan is divided into two parts: 

Phase-1, lasting for two years, is the Awareness, Planning and small constructed communities used for developing training, experience, show-and-tell, and standardization and certification.

Phase-2, for the next eight years, is the implementation of the master plan. The principal resources for this stage are (1) the IEEE EMC (Electromagnetic Compat-ibility) Community acting as providers of the products and services, (2) Solar Installers and specialistss on shielding and protection, and (3) financing and banking, including County Investment bonds, PACE and other sources.

The results shown for all the efforts of EMP protecting the majority of Americans with nearby escape-cottages is to produce an average of 5,500,000 new jobs (more detail). These produce two major payoffs: (1) the higher-paying jobs generate a far greater lifestyle for those involved and their communities and (2) finally the ability to reduce taxes further and pay down some of the large national debt.  

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What we bring to your Talk Show as Guests 
with EMP Protection Plans and Options

Once the TV Talk Shows (especially their Producers and Advertisers) realize that an EMP event is far more cataclysmic than all their negative  national and global ISIS and lone-wolf murders and killings, EMP and its protection will again return as a top concern to all humans on the planet (more on EMP).

There is much national concern and reporting on how disastrous an EMP event will be. However, there is relatively little unclassified material avail- able on ways and means to protect the Civil Sector from family to infra-structure. Some Preppers and all EMP Survivalists address this problem, but it is only at the bare-bones survival level with almost no lifestyle. Exceptions are the four EMP Protection books by EMP Solutions, LLC and their related products and experience (more).  

Examples of one Six-minute 
TV-talk show Presentation

Basically there are two options for presentation: (1) Host-Guest series of Q&A or (2) after introduction by Host, the Guest presents an animated slide show and visuals. Either or both can take in outside questions. In either case, the following questions are addressed:

​● What is an Electromagnet Pulse?

● Why is an EMP so Calamitous?

● What do Newt Gingrich & Benjamin Netanyahu say about EMP?

● What are the Chances of an EMP Event Soon?

● What Countermeasures does USA have?

● What Do Preppers and EMP Survivors Offer?

● What Civil Sector options exist? 

● Abstract: A National EMP Protection Plan 

● What does the EMP Future Portend?

We require about 30 seconds to show our four EMP Protection books and where they can be bought.

While the above can be further condensed into three minutes, at least 10 minutes is best. The above can even be extended over an hour with pauses for advertisements.

Are you interested in more? Then call Don White at 941-743-8100, or email: donwhite@emp-safeguard.com, or click here

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