Shielding Effectiveness (Radiation  Blockage) 
Computes S.E. for 36 metals from 10 kHz to 10 GHz.
for thicknesses from thin foils to sheet metals to plates at any distances. Results are graphed for 0-150 dB in shielding (for E and H fields and plane waves). #3500.  Only sold together with #3600 CD, see Combo Shielding Design Programs below.                              
EMP-EMC* Problem-Solving, Computer Software Programs
(Among the most EMC* comprehensive software available anywhere)
Shielding Aperture Leakage
Computes  the shielding effectiveness of an enclo-sure apertures, unprotected windows, vents, seams, covers and component holes between 10 kHz and 30 GHz. Select either metric or English units. S.E. data are presented in graphical and tabular forms or a selected frequency. Permits running, "What-if" comparisons.  # 3600.  Only sold together with #3500 CD, see Combo Shielding Design Programs below.  
Combo Shielding Design Programs
#3700 = combination of both #3500 + #3600 at 20%
price reduction.  #3700.    Price: $37
Cable Shield Grounding
    A short illustrated article on grounding a cable shield at one end, both ends or neither end. It all depends upon the cable shield materials, number and types of shields  Free. Click on symbol at the right
EMC Engineering Tools  
Select category first: Bonding, Filtering, Compu-tations Conversions and Tables. Examples: Time-to-frequency domain: Bode plots, field strength from cell phones and walkie talkies, fields from wires, shielding effectiveness from cable transfer impedance, etc.         Price: Free - Try it now.
EMC Quiz
Take this 10-question, multiple choice quiz and test your EMC acumen. Select your quiz level: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced. Quiz. Free. Take it now.
*Note:  EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)  engineers are the folks who do the EMP protection (hardening).

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