Summary of Slide Show
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 Slide Show on EMP, Solar Flares & Cyber Threats with How-to-do-it on 
EMP protection of family, homes and buildings with solar rooftops

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Abstract of EMP Protection Slide Show CD., #227B, Updated Junel 2015, one hour +.

Slide Presentation, Animated on EMP Protection, by the international author, Don White. This is a one hour, action-packed, informative presentation on what is an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) and why you need to become aware and informed about it. Specifically, what are the damages it can do; how to protect from its impact; how to expand your protection options, and the costs and financing. This is presented to all levels ranging from EMP survivalists and Doomsday Preppers at the lower level up to a major proposal for a Proposed National EMP Protection Plan. The latter is mainly orchestrated at the county level via Bottom-up management.

Also covered in passing, are the ancillary threats of Geomagnetic Storms developed from Solar Flares and Cyber Terrorism. Their threat impact is less consequential than the EMP.

At lowest levels, the EMP burst instantly causes recipients to lose their jobs, their income, annuities, 401k or other retirements, social security cash flow, and digital records. As the EMP protected group size increases, bare existence becomes replaced by different levels of lifestyle that remain operational due to the degree of electronics components and systems protection.

A section is presented on shielding. bonding, grounding, surge suppression and filtering of enclosures. They range in size from boxes, cabinets, rooms, cottage-sheds, homes, and commercial buildings. EMP protection of added solar-PV rooftops for electric power is discussed and highly illustrated.  (The solar installation with battery bank back up; ensures 24/7 electricity).

In summary, the animated presentation is divided into ten sections:

EMP, Solar Flare & Cyber Overview EMP Countermeasures: Missiles and Lasers

EMP Survivalists

Birth of Post-EMP Lifestyles

A Proposed National EMP Protection Plan

Shielding, Bonding, Grounding and Cable Surge Suppression and Filtering

Solar-Rooftop Energy Starter EMP-Protected Cottage Sheds

EMP Protecting Homes with Solar Rooftops Costs, Financing, Subsidies, and ROI
New Products, Services, Markets and Jobs

The slide show, containing 95 images, is presented by Don White who has given seminars in 29 countries on Electromagnetic Compatibility and has authored 17 books. You will become enrichingly rewarded and focused on consequential matters with known results and options with supporting rationale.

One Hour show-book presentation on EMP Protection, with introductory, (low-price $39 before 1 Nov. 2016; $79 thereafter) shipping and handling included. Right to use this slide show is granted for training courses or show at meetings, conferences, symposia and educational gatherings for those who purchase.

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