Q1:Who is Don White?     

A1: He is the founder of EMP Protection System Solutions, t/a EMP Solutions and t/a as Renewable Energy Creations, LLC

Q2: What are Don White's Credentials?

A2: He is past president of  the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers), EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Society. Don holds BSEE and MSEE degrees from Maryland University and is a retired CEO of  two EMC hitech companies, one of which was listed on NASDAQ. Don has published 14 books, one trade journal, and taught 14,000 engineers in 39 countries in five continents, over a thirty-year span. 

Q3: In a few words, what is EMP or Electromagnetic Pulse?

A3: EMP is a nuclear explosion, high in the upper atmosphere, that wipes out most electrical and fries all electronics. While humans don't even know it happened, there is suddenly no phones, no cells, no ipads, no radio, no TV; your vehicle stops. You are thrown back into the dark ages.

Q4: How do people protect themselves and devices from an EMP incident?

A4: Use shielding ranging from entire buildings and homes down to rooms, or closets, or a burned-out microwave oven to lined bags. Bonding, grounding, surge suppressors, and filters also play a supporting  role. Visit  www.emp-safeguard.com for details.

Q5: Yes, but isn't there more protection needed?

A5: Yes. The devil is in the details. Shielding must be com-pletely surrrounding the protected volume with all joining shield sides electrically bonded and apertures blocked. If the shielded area is not a vehicle, the shield must be grounded, and all entering wires, surged protected and sometimes filtered.

Q6: But, what about humans? Didn't the atomic bomb at Hiroshima, Japan at the end of WW II kill hundreds of thousands and level all infrastructure for miles?

A6: Yes, but when an atomic or nuclear weapon is exploded high in the atmosphere an entirely different physics applies. Earth-bound blast pressure kills and destroys. But, a high altitude blast appears on earth as a high intensity microwave radiation that couples onto metal objects and devices connected to wires and cables, destroying all microprocessors and control circuitry.  

Q7: You haven't mentioned Solar Flares. Are they not of equal concern, as well?

A7. While they share a limited common sector result, the threat physics and damage impact are totally different. Both can result in wide area electric-grid blackout. However, it ends mostly there for solar Geomagnetic Storms. But, only a nuclear EMP burns out or fries computers, device controllers, elevator controls, ipods, ipads, telephones, cell phones, radio and TV, vehicle controls, subways, aircraft and space craft controls.   

Solar Flares produce highly visible northern lights or aurora borialis  that  lend themselves to science fiction and highly exagerated perceptions and wild press. However, GeoMag-netic Storms can burn out substation transformers, and devices connected to long conductive lines.

Q8: What does it cost to EMP protect a volume or your home or a building?

A8:  Cost is proportional to the surface area surrounding the volume to be protected. New construction is cheaper than retrofitting existing infrastructures.  Expense is further reduced in later years because of quantity production. Subsidies and tax breaks further reduce consumer costs. 

Q9: Sorry, you didn't answer my question. What does EMP protection cost?

A9: Costs includes both EMP hardening plus a solar roof-top, battery bank and generator for your electric power. 

For a new home in 2012-2013, cost may approximate 20% of the structure value. In 2017-2020 this will be 9-12%.

For a small commercial office building, these costs may range from 15% today to less than 10% later this decade.

Details are presented in the book you can order on website: www.emp-safeguard.com.

NB: There exists a major plan to update buildings with phase 1: protected EMP solar roof backup power at no cost to the building owner. Contat us for more information.

Q.10: What about the cost to EMP protect your vehicle?

A10: In the next few years, garages in protected homes and buildings are the best shielding approach for most of the time. In a few years, auto and truck manufacturers will offer an option to buy a mostly protected vehicle at a cost estimated  to be roughly 6% of the vehicle. Independent sources may offer kits to partly retrofit your vehicle for between 4% - 10% of its worth. Read our Vol. 2 on EMP Hardening of Vehicles, debuting in about six months.
FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions
            (also see Terms and Definitions)

Here is an update of FAQ as of 15 June 2015

● How Bad is an EMP = Electromagnetic Pulse?

         An EMP transcends the imagination in that the extent of an EMP event directly impacts an area of the order of one million square miles contrasted to hurricanes damage approximating 100 sq. miles and tornadoes, about one sq.mile. The EMP impact duration lasts a few years rather than days or weeks, and loss of life at the end of the first year may be 90%. 
          Learn how to protect at www.emp-protection.org. 

● How do I get up to speed on EMP Protection?

      There are many sources on the Internet with dozens of company URLwebsites. Most speak to how devastating an EMP is and some give generalities of EMP protection. Few go into any detail. Almost none address solar rooftop protection. There also exists a lot of myth in some websites.
       Websites for solar companies and trade journals abound on solar rooftop subjects and their providers. There even exists a Solar directory under eight categories that totals 20,000 companies globally (www.enfsolar.com directory), filed alphabetically for over 30 nations. Access is free.
       Returning to EMP protection of both housing and solar rooftops, other than the following websites, there are no others:

● What are Your EMP protection options?

       Don't become an EMP survivalists with only stored water, food, medications guns and ammo. This provides a no post-EMP lifestyle with a bare existence only. Options vary from an EMP protected shed, protected cottage with protected solar rooftop, home with protected solar rooftop, a protected commer-cial, an industrial building or other EMP protected infrastructure. 
         Visit www.emp-protection.org for details.

● Why and How to EMP Protect Data Centers? 

       No books yet available on this yet. First book to be published in November 2015 is available at www.emp-protection.org/datacenters.html.

● Why Build an EMP Protected Shed?

       As a very least effort, build an EMP protected backyard shed of 24-100 sq. ft. to house a golf cart and/or motorcycle or motorbicycle, generator and fuel, solar panels and batteries, and your selected victim electronic and electrical devices. 
       Remember to shield all six sides of the shed (four sides, top and bottom floor). A 2 x 4 inch wood frame is OK. Cover top and bottom with 3/8 – ½ inch plywood. Then cover all six sides with 20-30 opi (openings per inch) special welded screen (not window screen quality). Cover roof with shingles. Use shielded window finger stock for electrical bonding around the door frame purchased from suppliers listed in directory: 
     www.emp-protection.org/products6.html. Include internal lighting provided by internal vehicle battery.

● Why Build an EMP Protected Cottage with Solar Rooftop? 

       The cost may be less than 15% of your home and you get “free” electricity to boot. Cottage sizes range from 8 ft. x 16 ft. up to 18' x 20 feet to also house your car, a golf cart and extra storage. By also having a solar rooftop, with electricity, your lifestyle is greatly enganced. The “free” electricity means that the 1.6 kWatt to 4 kWatt solar rooftop with battery backup for night and overcast skies, will handle most of your electrical requirements.
          For more detail, visit www.emp-protection.org 

● How do I get “Free” Cottage to Housing Electricity?

       While nothing is truly free, the combined cumulative monthly utility electricity savings plus the increase in the value of the equity in your home usually exceeds the cost of installing a backup solar rooftop plus daily battery backup for nightime. One interesting point is that this savings goes on both before and after an EMP event even though there is likely no available electricity from the utility grid post EMP since it has become dysfunctional  

● Where do I buy EMP protection products & services?   

     The only known listing or directory of EMP protection sources on the Internet or elsewhere is at: www.emp-protection.org/products6.html. Therein is given the name of the company, its URL website access (which can be actively accessed from that listing), e-mail address, phone number and code identification of the company's EMP products or services category keyword.

● How much Solar Rooftop power do I need for my home?

     The average size residential house under air in USA is 2,300 sq. ft. Since all electrical appliances cannot be turned on at the same time, the peak load practically needed (e.g. washing machine in use when the A/C is running and a some electric lights and TV in use) is less than 8 kWatts. Battery backup for night and overcast days much match this needs at the rate of about 1 kWatt-hour per vehicle size deep-cycle battery. Smaller homes with fewer people need less and vice versa.

● How do I EMP Protect my Vehicle?

    There is nothing specific on the Internet on details of how to protect vehicle microprocessors (now numbering as high as 60 with Nisson 2015). Most discussions address generalities of earlier White Sands Proving Ground testing and some things to do to lessen EMP Exposure.
       Since an EMP might happen at any time during 24/7 (168 hours/week), if your EMP protected garage or shed houses your vehicle(s) and/or golf cart, that may account for roughly 65% of the time. If the place of employment had an EMP protected garage, that would account for 25% of the time. The remaining 10% or 17 hours the car is in use. So, EMP protection can exist from 25% to 90% of the time depending on if the place of employment and/or home protection exists.
       There exist two sources that address what the manufacturers must do to reduce EMP susceptibility. One reveals that by eliminating the 100-year old practice of using the vehicle frame as the ground return (replace with twisted shielded pair) the vehicle equivalent of shielding effectiveness (antenna pick-up effect) can be improved by 30-50 dB. The two referenced Internet URL websites are:

● Where can I get EMP protection slide shows?

       There are a number of EMP related videos and sales-oriented webinars on the Internet. These mostly replicate what already exists in print.
       One source provides both slide shows (most from 30 minutes to one hour) and some software calculations of EMP shielding effectiveness and aperture leakage control in dB vs. frequency for the variables and geometry selected: www.emp-protected.org/slideshows.html.               

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