EMP Protection Consulting
EMP Solutions, LLC provides consulting services on several facets of EMP 
awareness, planning, preparation, designs, installation, retrofit, who pays and how. These facets are summarized in the Organization chart below.
Additionally, we perform consulting on an hourly, or preferably, definable object, fixed-price basis. 
For more details, please contact Don White at (941) 743-8100 or e-mail donwhite@emp-safeguard.com.
Some recent consulting topics:

* EMP Protection of Data Centers
* EMP Protection of a Village development
* EMP Protection of Solar Panels, 2015
* EMP Protection of Solar Rooftops, 2018
* Terrorist attack an EMP Protected facility
* A low-cost EMP Protected Vehicle Shed
You are invited to request a
non-commitment proposal from us (please fill in and submit your info below):
EMP Terms & Definitions


    ● Shielding
        Paste / Caulk
    ● Grounding
    ● Surge Suppressor
    ● Filters
    ● Infrastructure
        Data Center
        Solar / Solar Farms 

    ● Consulting
    ● Test
    ● Levels
    ● EMP
        * EMP - Survive or Thrive
    ● Solar Flares
    ● Cyber
    ● HPM
         Welcome to the EMP Protection Center
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