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  •  Want an illustrated book on  EMP facts & creative solutions?
  •  Want to learn how  to EMP protect  your  family,  home and community?  
  •  Don't just EMP survive & lose your income; but remain actively productive 
  •  Want to learn how to shield, bond, ground, surge suppress & filter?
  •  Ten Tips to reduce your electric bill by up to 60%
  •  Options for no down payment via insurance + other financing
  •  Want to produce new products, open new markets, and generate  jobs?
  •  Want to use these  materials for classroom & community education?
  •  Re Government: Learn ways & means to help fulfill your fiduciary responsibility  

  • Within a few months after an EMP attack, or any other event that causes long-term loss of the electric power grid, most people will become weary and despondent because of the hardship and starvation, and they will become desparate to get their modern civilization back. Without prior planning and action, this will take years. Want to learn how to take steps to ensure that you can get modern civilization back quickly, or never lose it in the first place?                                                  Read the EMP protection book . Buy Now

Website Mission Statement: EMP Protection Optimization - What is this? Why it is important? What will it do for family, community, USA and other nations? When will it happen? How is it achieved? Identify Options? What does it cost? Who pays? What is the ROI? How are accomplishments measured and scored? These and many other creative  solutions are addressed herein.
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Our EMP Protection books are unique and creative. They offer readers understanding, planning and solution options, cost and system optimization, and methods of financing not involving government participation or out of pocket requirements. Read; get informed; make low-risk decisions - mostly based on numbers and facts, rather than adjectives, adverbs and hearsay.

You also get our permission to use our books, slide shows, and software for any education, training, on informing clients, prospects and others in meetings, class, seminars, conferences and symposia.
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Visit  the
 EMP Store
Visit  the
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Visit  the  EMP Store
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