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Solar Rooftop Expansion & Threat Protection

 Solar Rooftops increased their growth to 1,000,000 installations in USA in 2015 -
 now almost doubling every other year. Why and How?
   ●  Increasing electric grid outages portend further susceptibility & protection need
   ●  Desire to have electricity at a lower rate
   ●  Combatting increased terrorist cyber and HPM (high-power microwave) threats
   ●  How to combat solar flares and, especially, EMP - the biggest threat of all 

An EMP (electromagnetic pulse) can knock out power sources for over a year to instantly cause lights out to darkness and immobile lifestyle of the middle ages. 
Overview of the EMP Threat

The greatest threat of our Era is "Not If, but When" the inevitable aspects of a rogue nation or terrorist EMP (electromagnetic pulse) event occurs. This will not only destroy the electric power grid, putting us all back in the Dark Ages without their ways and means of life. Almost immediately, people will lose their jobs, their equity, no water, no sewer, disabled vehicle mobility and their entire lifestyles.

Present legislation, such as HR-3410 (Critical Infrastructure Protection Act (CIPA)), will attempt to protect substation transformers to permit the electricity to continue. The problem is this will not work because the SCADA and microprocessors will burn out at the substation and the over 100,000,000 residential, commercial and industrial consumer final step-down transformers will malfunction as well. 

How to prepare for this eventuality? Read the pages of this website for solution options.